All you need to know about silicone reborn dolls

Reborn doll legitimacy

First of all for those who have doubt about the legitimacy of these silicone baby dolls, these are 100% legit. There may be some restriction in your local rules but overall we haven’t seen any kind of restriction on buying silicone babies.


There are some rumours about these dolls that they can grow. Keep in mind they look real but they are not real so how can they grow? They will stay the same size even after 10 years. So these silicone dolls will stay the same size and you can’t expect them to grow.

Eating and Drinking

Yes, to keep them look like the real ones, most of the silicone reborn dolls come with this feature. But they can only drink and can’t eat. You can put milk, juice or any liquid in their mouth or feed them through a feeder.

They can pee

What you have put in, you need to take that out as well. If your doll can drink water or milk, and it’s stored somewhere in the doll’s body, you can’t keep it like that forever and keep on putting more liquid inside. So you can make them pee and take out all the liquid you have put through their mouth.

Are these harmful?

Absolutely not. They are made from silicone, the same material that’s been used in manufacturing of so many food related items including feeder nipples and pacifiers. So even if you will kiss them you can get affected. You can gift these to your babies without any concern at all. But there is an age restriction on it. Only for age 3+.

Are these Creepy?

Normally these are innocent looking and adorable. They can help you control your anxiety and emotions. But there can be some cases where people can get frightened of these due to their absolute natural look. But overall they are not creepy at all.

So these were some of those questions about silicone reborn dolls people were curious about. We tried to answer these briefly. Hopefully you won’t have any doubts about these beautiful dolls now.

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