Changing cloths of a reborn baby doll

The Real Rebirth Dolls are made of high-quality silicone vinyl, which is very soft to the touch and realistically flexible. The doll body is filled with PP cotton cloth, the doll cannot bath or shower. You can take off your clothes and do laundry. Make sure that the doll’s body is completely dry. The doll can fully pose and can move freely with its head and limbs.

Eyes: High quality clear acrylic eyes, no winks.

Hair: High temperature synthetic wigs used by hand, very soft hair irons can be used to perm or straighten his hair.

Attire: You can change her clothes yourself.

Doll dress up game development benefits

We all know that children learn through play, they are constantly learning from everything they do, even playing in their doll clothes. They can’t win when they take on this job and see them running small scenarios when reproduced. They see what we do in our daily lives, except that they know we are learning important life skills in the process.

What seems like a simple act to dress up is actually full of early learning, from social skills like fostering empathy to the fine motor skills needed to make tiny buttons.

Physical fine motor skills

One of the things kids learn when they’re wearing a doll dress is the very simple fact that you need good fine motor skills to run the little buttons that stick the doll’s arms and legs on the clothes.

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