Johnson truly reborn a doll boy for your child

Have you been looking for the perfect gift to get your baby, nephew, or niece? If you have then you have probably known it requires you to do your homework first and try to find out what your child’s interests are. Children are more interested in other people than material things. This is because they learn how to behave by watching what other people do and then mimicking their behavior. If you want to get the perfect gift for your child then realistic dolls are your safest bet. The main reason is that realistic dolls are made to resemble actual babies and thus your child can bond with a truly real doll better than any other toy or object. You can get a quality doll from Child House and why not try the Johnson truly reborn, a doll boy for your child?

Features of the Johnson truly reborn a doll boy for your child


  • Rbds0009 model – This doll is featured in the reality series and it has some cool features for your child to enjoy. The doll has a height of 22 inches from the heat to the toe and it weighs 1.1kg thus making it easy for babies to carry.


  • Quality material – The doll is made from silicone vinyl material that has been tested and proven to be safe for children to handle. The doll has a soft skin texture and it is hand painted to ensure that the doll has a realistic appearance.


You can get the Johnson truly reborn doll boy at an affordable price and all you have to do is visit the Child House website and place your order today.

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