Johnson truly reborn a doll boy is best of all reborn dolls?

These charming alien dolls have perfectly engraved 4 and 3 fingers on their tiny hands and feet. It is made from soft silicone vinyl and is hand painted, covered in a silky smooth finish. She sleeps a little strange, her joints and legs can be molded, and her head goes in search of a smarter life. These foreign dolls are sure to transform you into the night sky and make a one-of-a-kind gift for your fellow devotees around the world, but don’t delay as higher demand is expected.

You can order a doll that Johnson really reborn here.

 Body: silicone vinyl Body: This baby’s body and organs are made of soft-touch vinyl, the organs are removable. The baby is made of silica gel, and she is a woman who is easy to sit, sleep, wake up or bathe.

 Hair: hand root seal or artificial hair

Ideal for there: celebration gifts, birthday gifts, play toys for children, grandparents and dolls of grandparents, lovers, to accompany collectors’ collections.

Clothes: The doll’s clothes can be changed like a real baby. And take a bath and put on a washcloth. This is a really good routine.

 Heart sounds: Even those dolls have sounds like heartbeats and crying.


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