Know more about quality made reborn dolls

Child house is a company specializing in making custom dolls for doll lovers and children all over the world. We are a company that puts customer safety first, and only use high-quality materials that meet all required health standards to make dolls. The doll is very soft and has realistic characteristics, which can simulate the realistic characteristics of human beings.

You can read below to understand some of the cool features provided by our company.

Features of Child house reborn dolls

  • Realistic feature – The dolls are hand-made with quality silicone material. This is one of the safest materials that can be manipulated to resemble the actual feel and touch of a human. The dolls are also detailed with cosmetics and hair to make them seem real.
  • Customization – The dolls can be customized at the request of a client. They can come in different shapes, sizes, and races. This means you can get a doll that looks exactly like your child and that encourages children to bond with the doll.
  • Baby scent – One of the best things about babies is the newborn smell they have. It is a divine scent and the dolls are made to smell like an actual newborn. Once you experience it you will not be able to put the baby doll down.


Have a look at child house dolls and get your child a gift they can bond with. Child house dolls are quality reborn dolls and they are offered at affordable prices.

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