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Have you ever found yourself looking for the perfect doll to gift your child? If you have, then the child house is the best place for you to shop. Whether you are looking for quality dolls for your child or if you are a doll lover, child house has all your needs sorted out. The play dolls are handmade with a lot of love and great effort has been used to make them realistic dolls. Below are some dolls that have been featured as best sellers.

Best selling dolls

Real Lifelike Carley – This is an incredible doll with a height of 20 inches and weighs 0.75 kilograms. The doll is made with a cotton stuffed interior to simulate the actual feel of a human touch when you press it. The exterior of the doll is made with quality silicon vinyl which is very tender and soft. Silicon vinyl is also safe and environmentally friendly as opposed to other synthetic materials.  However, the most incredible thing about this doll is the heartbeat and sound feature which makes it the most realistic doll in the market.

Piedra Truly Reborn Baby Boy Doll – Just like the name suggests this doll is the real deal. It has a 17.5-inch height and weighs 0.70 kilograms making it easy for children to handle. It is also made from silicone vinyl material that gives it that soft and tender touch. It also has a sound and heartbeat feature which brings it to life.


Get yourself this quality reborn doll at a very affordable price and all you have to do is place your order while the dolls are still in stock.

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