Three Advantages of Reborn Dolls for Moms

Many moms find comfort in reborn dolls. They can be especially helpful for mothers who struggle or cannot conceive, as well as those who have lost children/infants or suffered miscarriages.

While some reborn collectors may be misunderstood, most do not see their dolls as toys. In fact, most of them treat their dolls like real children.

1. They Bring Back Memories

Reborn dolls are lifelike and often look exactly like a baby, which makes them a popular coping tool for women who have experienced grief and loss. They can help women cope with the loss of a loved one, miscarriage, or even a stillborn pregnancy. They can also provide an outlet for feelings of depression or anxiety by giving them something to focus on and care for.

2. They Help Deal With Grief

One of the most common reasons for a woman to purchase and care for a reborn doll is because they help her cope with grief or loss. This can be the case for women who have chronic fertility issues and are unable to have biological children, for women who have suffered through miscarriages or stillborn babies, or for women who have lost older siblings or parents.

In many cases, the lifelike dolls can even mimic the feel of a real baby and numb some of the pain associated with grief. These dolls are commonly created with silicone, allowing artists known as “reborners” to paint them to look like a real baby with blood vessels and other details. This helps to create a sense of comfort and even calmness for the grieving mother, helping her to deal with her emotions in a healthy way.

3. They Make Great Gifts

Reborn dolls have taken the internet by storm and have gained massive popularity over the last decade. These dolls are highly realistic and look like real babies. They are used for various purposes and have helped many people especially women who have lost their children or cannot have one due to some medical condition. They can divert their attention and maternal love towards these dolls. These dolls also help in reducing stress and anxiety amongst pregnant women.

Although there aren’t a lot of scientific studies on this, most reborn collectors believe that cuddling their dolls produces the same effect as cuddling a real baby. They say that it helps them feel calm, satisfied, and even euphoric. They also claim that these dolls help them heal from grief. This is because these dolls are very similar to their real babies and can produce a rush of dopamine in the brain. This is what they call a “baby high”. This has been extremely helpful in bringing back their patience and easing their mind during hard times.

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