Toys; An Important Part Of Children Life

The things that children often use to play with are called toys. In addition to playing, they are also used for learning purposes in kindergarten courses. Historians believe that toys were invented a long time ago. But the toys used today are more advanced and more practical than in the past. Toys are becoming more and more advanced. Some parents and teachers use toys to teach their children. Toys are divided into major categories.


However, most toys that are used by girls and boys are dolls. You may have seen dolls in every house where there is a kid, especially the female one. As the world is advancing, toys are also getting advanced. For example, in the category of dolls, reborn dolls are the most advanced toys.


A reborn doll is a special creation of the artist that just resembles an ordinary baby in appearance. But in reality, it is a fake doll. Every girl desires to get a reborn doll for herself.

In addition, apart from children, rebirth dolls are also widely used by adults for therapeutic purposes. The Childrenā€™s Home Company sells all types of reborn dolls. We provide reborn baby girls, reborn baby boys, and various other kinds of reborn dolls.


Child House is a professional company that can make dolls of different sizes and shapes according to your wishes. In addition to providing dolls, we also provide the necessary certificates to prove that the materials we make of the dolls are highly safe for everyone.

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