Women Grieve healers: African American baby dolls

African American baby dolls

The idea behind making these African American baby dolls is great as they will provide emotional support to those African American family who has lost their child in an accident or disaster. The African American baby dolls have the most resemblance with the real babies and they can be manufactured by an artist, who is known as reborner and the process of designing these dolls are called reborning. These baby dolls can be made as per your choice and requirement by the reborner artist. You have to provide a reborn baby dolls silicone kit to start the manufacture.

African American baby dolls


These African American baby dolls can give you the same feel of touch hood as your real baby can give. You can make these baby dolls pee like real babies, can feed them, can change their diapers and clothes and many more. The innocent and cute faces of these reborn babies can soothe your eyes and heart. You can also gift them to the parents who have lost their child or to your growing babies who have lost their siblings.

African American baby dolls

These African American baby dolls can fill the void left in your family by the disappearance of your child. They can be great grieve healers. By gifting these baby dolls to your child, you are giving them a companion to play with them and share things with. They would learn the importance of having siblings in their life and instead of hating them, they will love them.

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